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Following what happens in the European Parliament

Plenary Sessions


A copy of the draft Agenda will be sent to you via email. The Agenda is normally finalised on the Thursday/Friday before the Session and a copy of this final document will be sent to you with the Briefing (below).


The Briefing summarises reports and other items on the agenda for the forthcoming plenary session. The Briefing is available online immediately prior to the Session and a copy will be sent to you via email by the European Parliament Office in Ireland.

EP News

The European Parliament Office in Ireland produces a one/two page summary of some of the news items on the Agenda of the EP's Plenary Session on the Thursday prior to each Session. This document is forwarded to all media in Ireland and includes a list of the Irish MEPs speaking on each of the topics.


Séance en direct

During the Plenary Session, it will be vital for the timing of interviews, etc. to know when MEPs are speaking and on what issue. The Press Officers can provide valuable assistance in this regard, but it is also possible to acquire up-to-the-minute information through the EP website.

The link below will bring you directly to 'Séance en Direct'. allowing you to follow the debates live, as well as accessing the Debates on the Agenda, Tabled Texts and Votes. In the Debates on the Agenda section, you will see List of Speakers (exact times and names provided) - this page is refreshed at least once a minute during the Session and will therefore be of tremendous assistance in tracking the MEPs and their comments - it should help you to manage your time as you will know when to watch the live debate on your TV screen/computer screen to get a quote/hear a speech.

During the Session, all debates and votes are available online a day later and can be accessed through the following link:


Other documentation

Verbatim Reports of Proceedings (the full text of plenary debates in the original languages) and the Minutes of the Plenary Session, containing resolutions adopted in plenary, are normally available in most of the official languages of the EU and can be accessed on the Europarl website (, outside the press rooms or from DG Information's documentation service in Brussels and Strasbourg.


European Parliament Committees


Legislative observatory

The Legislative Observatory is a database providing a range of information on the Parliament's activities.  The successive stages of each piece of EU legislation in which the EP is involved can be followed via the Legislative Procedure section of the Observatory. You can search by topic, by 'rapporteur', or by reference number.  During Plenary Sessions, print-outs of the Legislative Observatory fact-sheets relating to all reports on the Agenda are available to journalists in the Press Room.



Eur-Lex provides access to EU legislation:

For further information contact the public helpdesk by e-mail: