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How to find out how an MEP voted?-Emer

MEPs voting results

If a roll call vote took place on a particular report/amendment to it during a European Parliament Plenary Session, there will be no problem finding out how an MEP voted.

The key to finding out how an MEP voted is finding out when the vote took place.  You will then go through to the following link and click on Minutes:

When you click on 'Minutes', you will be given the option to 'Search by date'.  When you click on a particular date, you will see the reports discussed on that date, but also the list of reports on which the MEPs voted.  If you see the report you need, scroll to the bottom of the page on the date on which the vote took place and you will see three options - Minutes, Results of votes and Roll call votes.  In this case, you are looking for the Roll Call votes.

When you open the document, it will look like double-dutch initially, but this is all you need to know to find what you are looking for:

1.  You will need to know the name of the person who presented the report (i.e. the
     rapporteur).  Please see below for a hint to find the name of the 'rapporteur'.
2.  In the index, look for the name of the rapporteur - if there were roll call votes on particular
     amendments, you will also see those listed under the name of the rapporteur.
3.  Scroll through the document until you reach the relevant page.  You will see at the top of
     the page the name of the rapporteur and in specific cases, the number of the amendment

To find the rapporteur for the report you are looking for, go to the original link, click on Minutes on the left-hand side, search by date as above and then when you find the report, click on it briefly to get the name of the 'rapporteur'/MEP who presented the it (i.e. who drafted it/steered it through the relevant committee).

For a list of the European Parliament Irish MEPs, click on the link below and fill in country section:

It is also possible to selects MEPs by political group.

The '+' refers to the MEPs who voted in favour of it.
The '-' refers to those MEPs who voted against it.
The '0' refers to those MEPs who abstained from the vote.