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The European Parliament regularly commissions surveys on public opinion in the Member States.  This is a means of keeping Parliament in touch with people's perceptions and expectations of its work and that of the European Union generally. The surveys are also extremely useful at the preparation, decision-making and evaluation stages of parliamentary business.

Readers will find them a source of information not only about attitudes in the EU to climate change or the current economic situation but also about how people see - and what they expect from - European elections, the European Parliament and European integration in general.


With elections on the horizon, the latest Eurobarometer shows citizens highly value peace and freedom of movement, but find EU identity and social welfare systems wanting. Watch the EuroparlTV clip below.


Perceptions of the European Parliament in Ireland - February 2012

You will find below the interregional analysis of perceptions of the European Parliament in Ireland.  This analysis is not a regional poll but a combination of the results of eight Eurobarometer surveys about the European Parliament (Parlemeter) that provide a picture of the state of public opinion on a  regional scale and is structured around a selection of questions which are regularly asked in the Parlemeter. This analysis was commissioned by the European Parliament and conducted by TNS Opinion.